Talladega “Pride Day” Achieves Lowest Attendance in Track History, Setting a Record


Talladega Speedway’s “Pride Day” Witnesses Record-Low Attendance, Raising Questions about Event’s Success

The recent “Pride Day” event at Talladega Speedway has garnered attention for achieving the lowest attendance in the track’s history, leading to concerns about the event’s overall success.

The trajectory of the “Pride” movement has been marked by various stages. Once considered mainstream, it has faced boycotts and challenges. Unfortunately, during the month intended to celebrate the movement, “Pride” seems to have encountered significant setbacks.

The situation is evident when examining recent developments. The NHL has already canceled Pride Nights, while Major League Baseball players are showing resistance and even considering the potential shutdown of the season.

Adding to the string of disappointing outcomes, Talladega Speedway’s “Pride Day” recorded an all-time low in attendance, highlighting perceived shortcomings in marketing efforts.

Steve Ashbaucher, the track supervisor who identifies as half-gay, expressed mixed sentiments, acknowledging that the event was still enjoyable but suggesting that it should not be repeated due to the potential financial strain on the owners, estimating costs of around half a million dollars to run a race with no fans present.


Although an official from Talladega Speedway declined to comment, asserting that the event did not harm the track or the sport, Track Owner Joe Barron expressed confidence that there would be no repercussions, dismissing the story as a fabrication arising from the imagination of an individual named Flaggt.

It is important to note that differing opinions should be respected. However, the disappointing attendance at Talladega Speedway’s “Pride Day” calls into question the event’s success. Regardless, let us continue to cherish America, and may we always strive for the well-being of our nation.

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