Man Kicked Out Of Diner For ‘Scaring’ Customers, But When You Realize The Truth You’ll Tear Up


In a heartbreaking turn of events, a cancer survivor, Kirby Evans, faced the humiliation of being kicked out of a South Carolina diner due to his disfiguring injuries, which he incurred during his battle with skin cancer. The incident unfolded at Forks Pit Stop in Walterboro, where Evans, who lost his left eye and entire nose to basal cell carcinoma, was told to leave because his appearance was “scaring customers.”

Evans, a 65-year-old grandfather of 11, shared his painful experience, stating, “I walked in there, got a small pack of donuts and a Coke, and before I could sit down, she grabbed me by the shirt and said, ‘I need to talk to you.’” Recounting the hurtful encounter, he revealed that the store owner insisted he cover his entire face if he wanted to eat there, claiming that his appearance was driving away customers.

Unable to afford reconstructive surgery and with sensitive skin preventing him from wearing an eye patch, Evans faced the callous rejection solely based on his appearance. The heartless treatment drew outrage from thousands, prompting his daughter Brandy to initiate a GoFundMe campaign, raising an astounding $77,000 for his medical needs.

Photo Credit: KOLR10 & Fox49/Youtube

Photo Credit: KOLR10 & Fox49/Youtube

Speaking about the overwhelming support, Evans expressed gratitude, saying, “Everybody is showing me so much support right now. I thank God for that. Nobody should be hurt like that. It made me feel good. It made my heart feel good. It gave me a sense that love exists in this world. Hate is wrong.”

Despite the hurtful incident, Evans maintains pride in his appearance, viewing his scars as symbols of resilience and victory over cancer. He emphasized that discrimination comes from people, not from the disease itself, and thanked those who stood by him during this challenging time.


In response to the controversy, the manager of the diner defended her actions, claiming, “I run a food service business where people dine in. I do not see absolutely anything wrong with what I did.” She justified her decision by stating that Evans would come in during busy lunch hours, impacting the flow of customers and affecting her ability to meet financial obligations.

While the callous manager attempts to justify her actions, the overwhelming support for Kirby Evans has not only provided him with much-needed financial assistance but also serves as a powerful reminder of compassion prevailing over discrimination. In the face of adversity, Evans finds solace in the love and support he has received, reaffirming his belief in the goodness of humanity.

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